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What is the ICIWorld Real Estate IDX

An IDX, or Internet Data Exchange is specifically designed software that shares real estate information between a source (ICIWorld databases) and end point(your website).

In our example, information from the Real Estate Information & Opportunities databases is sent to your website where it can be seen on your website pages.

ICIWorld’s real estate IDX is formatted to ensure that your website visitors call YOU! 


Your Real Estate IDX Features 

Built for you to network, sell, do more referrals and earn money in real estate

Real Time Data Flow

Data is shared from Database 1 in real time. 

One Time Settings

Once installed on your website all maintenance of the IDX originates from our end.

Live Support Tech Support is here to help when you need help, one on one, live.

Custom  Interface

To meet your requirements the IDX can be formatted to meet your specific Real Estate needs.

Training and Assistance

While there is nothing for you to learn, the IDX is self sufficient we are here to offer assistance with your website and making the most of the real estate information provided.


People rated us the best company.

ICIWorld has been designing and developing leading edge technologies for the real estate industry since 1996.  A time before the internet was available.

powerful, unique, important Add to your arsenal

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All of these websites, some specializing in Commercial and Residential have the ICIWorld Real Estate IDX installed.

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Powerful! The Real Estate IDX requires its own menu

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