How to find the Real Estate that closes your next deal

How to Use the Commercial Real Estate Search Form.

1. Business Area.

Use the dropdown boxes to isolate an area that you would like to focus on.

2. Subject Line : Keyword

Select a specific type of property you would like information about.

3. Other Text or City

If you see no options in the previous box, enter your own. Spelling matters.

4. Business Category

We have a full selection of real estate business categories to choose from.


HAVE = real estate properties being offered for sale.

WANT = real estate, commercial, business or residential properties that the network is asking for help finding.

Search both or just one at a time.


You can search from the very latest to every real estate ad ever entered into the database.

7. Price, top end

This is a bracket searching between highest and lowest price.

Highest price you are willing to pay.

8. Price, low end

Lowest price you are willing to pay

9. Sort On Field

You have 3 choices, Age, Price and Building area.

10. Sort Direction

You can have the newest results first, or the oldest first.

11. Number of Results per Page